Marathon Patent Group Subsidiary 3D Nanocolor Corporation Announces Management Additions, Establishes Lab and Offices on HP Campus, and Attends Oregon Best Fest

CORVALLIS, OR -- (Marketwired) -- 10/24/16 -- 3D Nanocolor Corporation ("3D Nanocolor" or "Company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA), today announced that it has named Dr. James E. Abbot as its Electronic Film Engineering Director, and Cassady Roop as its Senior Electrical Engineer.

Dr. James E. Abbot earned a Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, BS Engineering Physics (Mech. Engr.), and Physics from Oregon State University. Dr. Abbot served his country as a former US Naval Officer - Nuclear Power Instructor and was an Engineer/Senior Scientist for 10 years at HP Inc. Dr. Abbot is a prolific inventor having been granted three US patents and more than 35 US patents filed in inorganic materials, thin films, chemical sensing, MEMS device design, and 3D printing. As a certified TRIZ Practitioner, he is a recognized expert in innovation methodologies to rapidly develop disruptive innovation.

Cassady Roop earned a BS Computer Science from Oregon State University and worked as a Hardware Design Engineer for 10 years at HP Inc. Roop has specific experience developing electrokinetic display drivers and piezo-inkjet systems, and was responsible for developing a series of instruments designed to duplicate material analysis capabilities of a $200K laboratory spectroscopic system in a <$10 module suitable for inclusion within a desktop printer. He is also Co-founder of Nanoman Industries Inc., a biochemical manufacturing startup specializing in fluorogenic assays for cellular biological research and gallium maltolate, a promising chemotherapeutic agent for certain cancers.

Tim Koch, 3D Nanocolor's Chief Technology Officer, stated, "We're pleased to announce our recent expansion with the addition of two highly capable and accomplished technologists with specific experience in our field of technology. Both Dr. Abbot's and Mr. Roop's decade long experience at HP make them the perfect additions to our team as we believe their skill sets will expedite our intention to ultimately bring a disruptive commercial ready technology to market."

Koch continued, "Further, our team will operate from our newly established lab and offices hosted at The Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute "ATAMI," (, located in Corvallis, Oregon, on the HP campus. The facility is ideally suited for our efforts as they provide full support for commercializing Nano manufacturing with the primary goal of accelerating innovation and commercialization of advanced technology."

In addition to the new additions to the team, the Company also recently attended a signature event for innovators in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon BEST FEST. The event brought together a diverse community of inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers who have the common goal of accelerating solutions to environmental challenges. The two day hands-on gathering included a range of regional and national speakers, including 3D Nanocolor management, who presented transformative ideas and innovative solutions to inspire attendees and provoke dialogue. Presentations and interactive programming focused on rapidly transforming cutting-edge research into new clean technologies, companies, and jobs. The audience will have opportunities to meet with presenters and rate some of Oregon's top cleantech startups.

3D Nanocolor Corporation was invited to present by one of the events corporate sponsors.

"It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in BEST FEST thanks to an invitation from one of the events corporate sponsors." said James Douvikas, CEO of 3D Nanocolor Corporation. "We enjoyed demonstrating our proprietary Electrokinetic (EK) film technology which we believe has the potential of revolutionizing the 'smart' or 'dynamic' glass marketplace."

Douvikas continued, "Today's window film products have one major shortcoming, what you see is what you always get. The shade color you have selected is applied to your window and that's the color you live with. Our wireless EK film will allow you to change your window's color from clear to opaque and the shades in-between on demand. As a result, our technology offers greater energy efficiency by allowing for the absorbtion or reflection of heat."

About 3D Nanocolor Corporation

3D Nanocolor's EK technology resulted from years of R&D at HP Inc. (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company). As with many technologies, a portfolio of patents demonstrates its novelty and application. HP is a world-leader in microfluidic technology. 3D Nanocolor continues to build up HP's published research into EK technology and decades of physical-science development. Our EK technology uses a film with electrically charged nanoparticles, suspended in an engineered fluid, allowing for electronic control of the color, transparency, and contrast of the film. Our sophisticated approach is aesthetically superior to any other dynamic glass solution. The advanced and versatile solution allows for a large selection of colors. Other dynamic glass solutions are generally provided with a bluish tint, which may not match the décor of a building and may cast an unpleasant light. EK technology can provide tints that complement the design of a building and cast a more pleasant light.

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