Marathon Patent Group Subsidiary 3D Nanocolor Corporation Signs Exclusive License Agreement with the University of Cincinnati

Prototype of Company's Technology to be Showcased at Leading European Automobile Manufacturer in Early 2017

CORVALLIS, OR -- (Marketwired) -- 11/15/16 -- 3D Nanocolor Corporation ("3D Nanocolor" or "Company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA), today announced that it has signed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Cincinnati covering their patent pending applications based on 3D Nanocolor's electrokinetic (EK) technology.

The inventions were made at the University's highly acclaimed Novel Devices Laboratory and grounded on the EK technology originally developed at HP Inc. The patent applications are designed to advance smart window technology based on electrokinetic film technology.

3D Nanocolor has also completed and shipped a prototype of its technology that will be showcased to executives at a leading European automobile manufacturer in early 2017.

The Company previously announced that it had recently named two new former HP alums to its team. Dr. James E. Abbot was named Electronic Film Engineering Director, and Cassady Roop, Senior Electrical Engineer.

Tim Koch, 3D Nanocolor's Chief Technology Officer, stated, "We're pleased to announce recent progress in the form of an exclusive agreement with the University of Cincinnati covering their patent pending applications based on 3D Nanocolor's electrokinetic (EK) technology. The recent addition of two highly capable and accomplished technologists with specific experience in our field of technology, combined with our prototype of our technology being showcased to executives of a leading Eurpoean automobile manufacturer in early 2017, gives us cause for optimism. We are working diligently and looking forward to the opportunity to ultimately bring a disruptive commercial ready technology to market."

About 3D Nanocolor Corporation
3D Nanocolor's EK technology resulted from years of R&D at HP Inc. (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company). As with many technologies, a portfolio of patents demonstrates its novelty and application. HP is a world-leader in microfluidic technology. 3D Nanocolor continues to build up HP's published research into EK technology and decades of physical-science development. Our EK technology uses a film with electrically charged nanoparticles, suspended in an engineered fluid, allowing for electronic control of the color, transparency, and contrast of the film. Our sophisticated approach is aesthetically superior to any other dynamic glass solution. The advanced and versatile solution allows for a large selection of colors. Other dynamic glass solutions are generally provided with a bluish tint, which may not match the décor of a building and may cast an unpleasant light. EK technology can provide tints that complement the design of a building and cast a more pleasant light.

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